Life as it should be

“La Brise De Mer is the perfect haven all year round”

LBDM  is an exclusive residence for couples, families, executives and groups wanting to relax in serenity, seclusion and is situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities.

Just imagine yourself on the sun deck with a book and soothing tropical breezes, it’s all about a simple life in paradise.

Our private residence offers ultimate style with luxury furnishings and modern decor.

 It comes complete with tropical breezes, spectacular views overlooking Erakor Island, a sun deck and your own private pool.

The living area is spacious and provides guests with every opportunity for a relaxing serene vacation.

As the sun goes down in paradise, the cultural sounds of Vanuatu come to life.
​A chorus of wild birds chirping from tree tops, the sounds of conch shells and slit drums playing in the distance as an audience of soft stars, litter the evening sky.

These are just some of the little things that make staying at

La Brise De Mer so special.